What if you could finally break free from your fears

to reclaim your greatest joy, fulfillment and self?

Alice standing in a power pose ready to break free from the box

Reclaim The Real You

Powerful 1:1 transformation with Alice

Are you ready to completely liberate yourself from your limiting fears to set yourself free?

Let's reclaim the health, wealth, joy, abundance and love that's always been available to you.

Through hypnosis and human design, we'll unlock your most powerful and authentic self yet!

You *feel* your potential for extraordinariness…but you're feeling stuck in self-doubt, overwhelm and uncertainty.

I get it. I was there once, too!

You’re going through the motions. Living your life on repeat.

From the outside, things might look "just fine"...

But inside, you’re screaming with frustration!

Your joy is evaporating and your productivity is tanking.

Every day, you have less energy. Less self-confidence.

Something’s GOT to give!

Which of these beliefs are you ready to ditch?

"I'm not enough"

You've been playing small for too long. You've missed opportunities. Words haven't been spoken. Job opportunities may have been missed. Relationships you'd like are being held back. You know you're capable of more but your mind is telling you...

"Better the devil you know. Let's stay small right here".

"I'll be rejected"

Part of you is exhausted by repeating the same patterns – but the other part worries that you won't be accepted if you change. You're losing yourself in others' expectations and needs and trying not to "rock the boat". You're secretly thinking...

"Better to be accepted than rejected by others".

"It's not available to me"

You have deep passions and desires, but maybe people told you that they were wrong, unattainable or simply not for you. You can feel this emptiness because you know you're not following *your* path and going for what you want. You're thinking...

"I can't have what I truly desire".

"I've tried everything"

You've read the books. Listened to the podcasts. Meditated. Tried going to the "traditional" therapists. But time and time again, you walk right back into the same old patterns. Your mind is telling you...

"I've tried everything. Nothing works".

It's time to do something different. Radically different.

Think you've experienced the power of hypnosis in this bootcamp?

You haven't seen anything yet.

Working 1:1 with me is a completely different transformation.

As we unearth the keys to the real you, I'll guide you to deep transformative places of healing that we can't unlock in group hypnosis.

If you're looking for the most rapid, personalised and transformative results ever...

1-on-1 is your missing piece of the puzzle.

A picture of Alice in a floral orange top in her tropical garden.

Hey! I'm Alice! I'll guide you to courageously reclaim the real you.

14 years ago I quit my stable, reliable job. People thought I was crazy! But in reality, it was crazy for me to keep denying my true self.

It took a chance conversation with a random woman on a train for me to see what I’d been missing. YOU don’t have to leave anything up to chance! Because my own life’s purpose is to empower women to unleash their true self…You and I can journey together to reclaim your essence!

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist and human design specialist [I'm a 6/3 splenic projector], I give you the tools to reconnect with your authentic self. We get straight to the source – your subconscious – to access permanent, powerful transformation.

To date, I’ve worked with 150+ women to create the life they were born to lead.

Reclaim The Real You is an expedition for courageous, passionate women like you.

Discover boundless freedom – to earn more money, follow your authentic passions, strengthen healthy relationships and live a limitless life!


  • Waking up with crystal clarity and energy, knowing who you are, what you want and what you're here to do.
  • Confidently speaking up and expressing your true intentions because you ditched shame and low self-worth.
  • Shining in your career and passions because you reclaimed your dreams, goals and desires to be a part of your limitless reality.
  • Having loving relationships with healthy boundaries because you chose to fill your cup first before everyone else's.
  • Embracing inner peace because you surrendered your need to fix everything.
  • Welcoming abundance because you no longer equate accomplishments with worthiness.
  • Designing a life you love! A life of purpose, abundance and fulfilment!
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Reclaim the Real You

Your 1:1 transformation intensive with Alice

What if you fully reclaimed your superpowers to receive all of the love, abundance and purpose within you?

Continue your journey with Alice to fully unleash your power and create your most abundant, purpose-led life.

Here’s how we'll reclaim the real you

This is a fully customised service, tailored to YOU.

I’m here to help you uncover your specific powers, purpose and path ahead.

What makes this service so unique is that:

1. We’ll get to the root of your specific fears

2. We'll unleash your specific superpowers and purpose

Depending on which service you choose, your transformation will be a mix of the following...

Woman being hypnotised to unleash her powers


For years negative thought patterns – Mind Gremlins – have secretly been making decisions for you without your true Self’s consent. And as long as they hang around, they will sabotage your transformation.

It's time to release them with hypnosis. Each hypnosis session lasts 2 hours and dives deep! Books, podcasts and normal meditations only scratch the surface.

Hypnosis is the rapid, permanent solution you've been looking for.

Woman with her laptop and pen and paper on a coaching call

Weekly Coaching

Are you done talking about change and finally ready to transform?

We're going to combine your deep soul work with practical action! As you take your solid steps towards real, sustainable change, I will be there with you every step of the way in our weekly 45 min coaching sessions.

We will breakthrough obstacles, actively create solutions and celebrate your joyful successes.

Woman holding a phone and accessing her daily whatsapp access to alice

Daily WhatsApp Access to Alice

With daily access to me on WhatsApp, you can contact me when needed. It’s easy to get stuck in our head and overthink things. I’m here if you need to reach out between sessions so that you can quickly nip your worries in the bud.

I respond within a 48-hour time frame and am available Monday-Friday.

Access support from Alice daily for those moments where you need love and care.

A woman looking at a map of her power, purpose and path according to Human Design

Human Design Strategy

Did you know there’s a specific blueprint you can access that explains who you came here to be, what superpowers you have and *your* strategies for getting there? That’s the power of Human Design.

Depending on your needs throughout our journey together, we'll focus on what matters most to you. This can be your ultimate life purpose, your path to true love or how to unlock your financial abundance.

Access the *powers* and *strategies* unique to you.

Woman releasing orange butterflies from her hand

Resources created specifically for you

If you opt to dive into your Human Design with me, you'll receive weekly uniquely-created resources, completely tailored to you, in your inbox.

Each resource will open up a new eye-opening element of your Human Design that we'll discuss in your weekly coaching calls. You'll unravel the greatest gift of all - you.

Receive weekly insights of what makes you so special.

Return To The Real Logo showing a woman in a purpose dress running and free.

*Quick-Action Queen Bonuses*

Make your journey as smooth and impactful as possible!

Secure your spot with Alice below before the timer finishes...

to receive these worksheet bonuses.

How to Reclaim Your Emotions to Reconnect With Yourself

We’re told our feelings aren’t trustworthy. Or that we’re “too much” when we emote. But the reality is that our emotional selves carry a world of wisdom! This resource will empower you to reclaim your emotions as a compass for your journey ahead!

10 Ways to Instantly Set Boundaries

Follow this step-by-step checklist to set and enforce your boundaries. You’ll learn ways to speak. How to physically hold yourself. To powerfully communicate your needs & wants. And ultimately, stand by what you say with confidence.

How to Stop Caring What People Think of You

You’re starting to follow your intuition rather than “logical reason”. And people will question this change in your behaviour. These mindset tools, reframes and scenario examples will guide you in your quest to not give a fluff and own your true self.

The 4 Secrets to Self Discipline

Should you always be working in the same environment or switch it up? How should you be manifesting? Do you do well with routines or not? How do you best learn? This Human Design resource will reveal all, so that you can remained focused on your path to success.

Is it Fear or Intuition?

When you're making decisions and have ideas about what to do next on your path, how do you know if it is your intuition and Higher Self speaking, or your Mind Gremlins? This essential resource will swiftly help you know which is which.

10% off all future purchases

Yep, that's right!

Grab these Quick-Action Queen Bonuses and any future products and courses I bring out - you will receive a 10% discount code on all of them. Now that's some receiving-queen-energy for you right there.

*All bonuses will be released on 7th August 2023*

Choose Your Transformation Journey

Reclaim The Real You is your opportunity to work with Alice 1:1. Get rapid clarity and transformation as you are held in Alice's energy and receive her undivided attention.

Choose your journey below:

Hypnosis Journey

1 month journey


  • 1 x hypnosis session
  • 3 x coaching sessions

Hypnosis + Human Design Journey

2 month journey


or 2 payments x $777

  • 1 x hypnosis session
  • 7 x coaching sessions
  • Deep Human Design analysis
  • Weekly human design powers and strategies sent to your inbox
  • WhatsApp access to Alice
Full Queen Journey

3 month journey


or 3 payments x $777

  • 3 hypnosis sessions max
  • 11 coaching sessions max
  • Deep Human Design analysis
  • Weekly human design powers and strategies sent to your inbox
  • WhatsApp access to Alice


I’m not just another person who’s going to tell you the right way to live your life. So how do I know – and how do *you* know – that working together will really make a difference?

Well, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting hundreds of women. And I have helped each one unleash their REAL self. Here are some of their results.

"No more people pleasing!" - Lilly

Lilly spent years people-pleasing and feeling overwhelmed with the expectations being placed upon her. Feeling her essence was lost, she tried all kinds of techniques to rediscover her true self.

She found hypnosis to be her “missing piece of the puzzle”. She now has a newfound love for herself, is confident in shining and being seen by others and creating excellence in her project management career!

"I'm not hiding anymore" - Natasha

Natasha has transformed from feeling physically and mentally exhausted and unsure what she has to offer, to confidently showing up in her business and personal life with confidence and conviction.

She has found her purpose in mentoring writers and writing her own book to be published. "I'm not hiding or holding back anymore" says Natasha. "I'm just exactly who I am"

"I feel the purpose in my work" - Victoria

Victoria is unleashing her passions and purpose. “There was a huge gap between what I knew I could do and what I was doing” says Victoria.

She had big ideas and plans, but found herself continuously stuck and not taking action.

She is now creating her team, in full throttle in her projects and focusing her energy on her passions!

"I recognise myself. I'm good enough!" - Fleur

Fleur came to me feeling tired of traditional therapy. She knew she wasn’t being honest with herself or her therapists and sensed hypnosis would get right to the root cause of her self-doubt as she questioned, "Am I being the right version of myself?

Her subconscious showed her the truth! She is making leaps and bounds in her career creating sustainable solutions for future innovation.

A picture of Sara. One of Alice's clients.

“I came to the point with Alice where I realised I didn’t need a relationship which was taking all my energy and making me feel like I didn’t deserve the best. If I care for myself first, I can give others the best. You deserve the best too”.

Sara - Artist and Marketer

A picture of Shu. One of Alice's clients.

"I came in with an open mind but didn’t realise the extent of how much more confident, self-assured and calm I would REALLY feel after this experience. I’ve pitched for projects (which were approved immediately) and feel so much better in my skin”.

Shu - TV Presenter and Content Creator

Imposter Syndrome Testimonial
Self Doubt Testimonial
Self Confidence Testimonial
Self Love Testimonial


Read below for the most common questions and answers.

When can I start my transformation?

As soon as you're ready! As soon as payment is complete, Alice will reach out to you in her business hours [Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm in her current timezone] so that you can book your first session together.

How can I access the sessions?

All sessions are on Zoom. Alice will email you with her private Zoom room link for you to bookmark so you always know where to go.

What happens if I have a commitment during my transformation that I need to attend to?

No problem! I understand you may have a holiday or a commitment that you need to attend to during our time together. Emergencies can come up on both of our ends too. Give me as much notice as you can and we can discuss an alternative appointment to complete your journey together.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a scientific and spiritual system that uses your date, time and place of birth to reveal to you what your purpose is and what innate strengths and passions you already possess to get there. It is your ultimate roadmap and guide to walking your purposeful path with joy and ease.

What if I don't know my birth details?

If you do want to explore your Human Design with me, we are going to need to know your date, time and place of birth. If you do not know, do some digging. Ask around, search for that paperwork, contact the hospital where you were born, make sure no stone is unturned.

What if I have more questions?

I'm just a connection call away. Book a time with me here so that we can talk through any questions you may have.

What if I decide this is not for me after signing up? Can I ask for a refund?

Your investment is non-refundable. I am here to guide you to rediscover and unleash the superpowers within you, but only if you are ready for this transformation. Deep change comes from fully saying *yes* to yourself and committing to the purposeful path ahead. Mindfully feel into what this journey is offering you before you decide if it's right for you.

It's time to choose. Princess energy or full Queen energy

A picture of Alice standing in her tropical garden.

There’s so much peace and joy available to you when you fully release what is no longer serving you.

It's your mission to reconnect with the woman you are meant to be!

I will be with you every step of the way.

Empowering you. Reminding you of your inner strength.

Helping you rediscover your purpose and your passion.

All you have to do is say YES.

Yes to freedom. Yes to wholeness.

Yes to authentic success that brings you unbridled joy!

Come along for the ride of your life.

Start your journey now.

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